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What is the Family Plan Calendar?


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We know first hand how quickly an average day can spin out into crazy between work schedules, kids activities, household upkeep, and literally just trying to figure out what's for dinner tonight! 


That's why we created the Family Plan Calendar, a 16x20 wall sized paper calendar, because we desperately needed it in our own home. And it's been the single most important tool for our family's success in the last year. We needed a tool that could help us get on the same page, but one that also had everything we cared about (practical, spiritual, emotional, etc) all in ONE place!


We went from running through our house trying to “do all the things” to only doing the some of the things — the right things — because we’d taken the time to plan it out in advance. We stopped just feeding the kids, and then eating dinner ourselves later, to sitting down around the table almost every night for a meal together. We carved out more time as a family than ever before, and yet also had more time to do things individually. And possibly the best thing is that we created habits and a rhythm to our days that our kids are now learning from and depending on.

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26 weeks (half a year)display this


7 Day Family Course + Get Family Plan Calendar for FREE


Get the calendar free when you get this package. Included is our 7 Day Family e-course that unpacks how to live in a 7 day rhythm as a family, including how to optimize your week, how to get to the end of the week refreshed and filled up, how to conduct family meetings, organize and structure every day, and more.


The Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass Deal Bundle (FREE Course + FREE Calendar)


normally $329

Well, we've never done such an insanely discounted deal. But there has also never been such a crazy cultural moment for families and so we decided we wanted to do our best to set you all up for the most success. So get our Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass which is normally $199 by itself (read more about it here) and we will also give you our 7 Day Family Course (normally $79) AND a Family Plan Calendar (normally $45) totally FREE. Has there even been a better time to reset and refresh your family team than right now?


See what others are saying...

"This calendar has been great for our busy family of 5! We have sports almost every night and this has helped us all to be on the same page with the plans for the week. I also love having the spot for the word of the week and my boys like to come with their idea for this for each week. Get this calendar, you won’t be sorry!"


"Just What I Was Looking For! Love this calendar and it's exactly what I was hoping for to keep our family organized on a weekly basis. It's perfect for my kids to look at to see what's for dinner or what activities we have planned for the week. Now they don't always have to ask me these things but can look on the wall and see it all at a glance! The layout is great, the extra spots for prayers and thankfulness are awesome, and I love the large size! Yay!!"


"5 Stars! We are loving the Family Plan calendar - it's been a great addition to our household of 6, and we are all enjoying our weekly "meeting" to plan our week/write out the calendar, and then following it throughout the week. Thanks!"


Most calendars & planners only overwhelm you. So we made one that wouldn't.

One of the big reasons we made the Family Plan Calendar is because we wanted something that could allow our family to flourish but also would be all in ONE PLACE. We were getting overwhelmed by having to have a calendar for kid's events, a thankful list in the kitchen, a planner for our goals and to-do's, and much more. Soon enough it turned into 14 different things to do and write in! So we said why not put ALL (practical, emotional, and spiritual) the things in one place? Made it easy and streamlined? And THAT is the Family Plan Calendar. One page to keep your family on the same page.



For way too long we felt like we were just surviving life at home as a family, and not thriving as a family. On the other hand, as small business owners, we had all sorts of tools in place to plan, execute, grow, and stay organized as a business! But then we would come home, and instantly life felt scattered again. Why wasn’t there something to help keep our family intentional, organized and simple? And out of that realization, and frustration, the Family Plan Calendar was created.


Get the Family Plan Calendar FREE

It's simple--our mission is to equip and encourage families. And we believe in doing that so much that we want to give every single person who orders the 7 Day Family masterclass a free Family Plan calendar when they enroll today. We can think of no better bundle than the calendar and the course, since the Family Plan Calendar is the WHAT and the 7 Day Family Course is the WHY and HOW that can give you a full picture to flourish.

What is the 7 Day Family Course?

One of the most powerful tools in history for the flourishing of a family, is one that is hidden in plainsight and relatively untapped. That is, the 7 day week. 


Humans were designed by God to live in a series of seven day cycles. But for the most part we ignore the beauty of this design. And that's why most families feel stuck, burned out, and exhausted.

In this course we unpack and equip you to:

  • Understand how to bring balance in repeating activities.
  • How to conduct family meetings and get on the same page.
  • How to establish a day of rest (even through tough seasons with small kids).
  • How to sync up your rhythms together as a family team.
  • How to avoid burnout and being sucked into everyone else's obligations imposed on you.
  • How to live rhythmically specifically as a mom, with a dedicated section giving our best 10 tips to avoid mom burnout.

The Pryors have been living in a 7 day week for 17 years and the Bethkes have been doing so for the last few years. Hear from both of us in the course as we touch on all seasons and address the most pressing needs.




Get a closer look at the calendar!

Want to know more what the calendar covers or what it looks like? Take a listen to Brooke as she gives a few minute overview of what it is, how to use it, and how to get the most out of it!


Ready to start flourishing as a family?

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Made for the home

So many of us spent tons of money on things to help our business, and our personal growth, but we rarely invest in our home and family! The Family Plan Calendar is the best way to start changing that today.

Save time & hassle!

No better way to stop fights or confusion or burnout before they start than to get on the same page as a family and marriage, and our calendar helps you do just that!

A tool that covers it all

We believe a family should flourish in ALL areas. That's why instead of buying 14 different planners and journals and calendars, we made the Family Plan Calendar to be holistic -- sparking conversations and intentionality on practical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

Looking to dive deeper and get more hands on in building your family team? Consider our Integrated Mastermind.

Integrated is a yearly mastermind group of 15-20 father business owners where we meet up twice a year and stay in a house together as we spend 2 days to challenge and sharpen each other as we share secrets and tips on how to integrate and flourish in business, faith, and family. It's a powerful brotherhood of like-minded kings linking arms to show we are not in this alone. We only approve about 3-5 new members every year though so apply now at the button below if interested.


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